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Peacock and Copland, bass and piano: a dream paring for inner visions and deeper musical perceptions. Two brothers in spirit, playing with deep-toned power and keyboard finesse, have made the perfect choice of classic standards to interpret. Two instruments carry out an intensive, sensitive musical dialogue with beautifully opalescent interwoven parts, creating a jazz atmosphere of enormous but quiet strength. An encounter filled with inner intensity and a clarity in which many secrets are hidden. The finest sort of jazz chamber music.


  1. All Blues
  2. The Wanderer
  3. Blue in Green
  4. Rush Hour
  5. River’s Run
  6. Matterhorn
  7. The Pond
  8. Goes out Comes in
  9. Late Night
  10. Cavatina
  11. In Your Own Sweet Way
  12. Benediction
  13. Sweet and Lovely
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