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With his new CD Symmethree, Henning Sieverts shows how full-bodied this heady music can be—the sparkling, spirited play from the bassist-cellist-composer is combined with an unusual sense of humor, a special feeling for beauty and trickily structured pieces that nevertheless sound completely natural. With these three musicians, it all sounds incredibly easy—the themes and motifs bubble out like water from a wellspring. The listener never senses the kind of effort that can go into playing pieces of this sort of difficulty, simply because these three musicians’ music has a lot of spirit and soul. This music is fun and sensuous!


  1. Symmethree
  2. Nine O. M.
  3. One for Paul
  4. À la Seurat
  5. Nine on Twelve
  6. Coffee to Stay
  7. New Tone Barn
  8. Happy Birthday
  9. Deep, Deep!
  10. Walking on the Other Side
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Henning Sieverts