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Musical space for fantasy. Harpist Kathrin Pechlof leads the listener to a very unique musical world. In Pechlof’s music the harp comes into its own in its own unique way. Harp tones resound: harsh, dry, beautiful, like delicately reverberating columns, as bright saxophone intonations, and a highly flexible bass nestle around. The three musicians play this excitingly unusual repertoire with open ears and an instinctive sense for one another. A music emerges that is filled with subtlety, discipline, and artistic lyricism—a cornucopia of fantasy for the listener created out of a music stripped to the essentials.


  1. Gestalten
  2. Imaginarium
  3. Von Stille umwoben
  4. Mikrosuite
  5. Fernen wie sie vielleicht nur Vögel kennen
  6. Kyrie
  7. Tryptichon
  8. Das alte Ägypten
  9. Teetotum
  10. Les Cloches
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