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Christian Weidner calls his new CD Dream Boogie—taken from a well-known poem by the Afro-American Langston Hughes. The title stands for a music that is dream-in-motion. With the lightness of a dancer, it flows forward in continually new layers and levels of imagination. Weidner wants his music to come »out of the depths of intuition«. It is fascinatingly otherworldly music that has an intimacy at the same time. There is the masterful interplay of the musicians and the poignant beauty of the melodies—a dream to dance, a dance to dream!


  1. Windchoral
  2. W
  3. Alas Blues
  4. Dream Boogie
  5. Submelody
  6. Monkey Spin
  7. Cause
  8. Chihiro
  9. Walzer
  10. Dark Ends
  11. Lucky Lova
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