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This CD is about the subtleties and the deep truths that may be painful as well as joyou—and the beautiful sounds and words of the Brazilian and Portuguese popular song forms. Maria de Fatima masterfully exposes every feeling and nuance that lies hidden within these songs. She sings with a clear, lean tone stripped of the superfluous, leaving the lead role to the atmosphere of the text. And such evocative lyrics, interpreted in de Fatima’s unique style, so at home with the songs’ intent, so far away from any of the clichés that commonly creep into Bossa Nova and Fado—a synthesis of elements from contemporary jazz, Brazilian music, and Fado—captivatingly compelling music.


  1. Illuminados
  2. O Cantador
  3. Inútil Paisagem
  4. Roda Viva
  5. Isso e Aquilo
  6. Papillon
  7. Pra Dizer Adeus (Trio)
  8. Canto de Ossanha
  9. Medo
  10. Velho Piano
  11. Vivo Sonhando
  12. Angustia
  13. Pra Dizer Adeus (Duo)
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de Fatima