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Acclaimed bassist/cellist/composer Henning Sieverts once again unites Symmethree, a trio of elite international jazz musicians, in a beautifully balanced flight of musical exploration. Stereo extoled Symmethree’s first Pirouet CD as »…a mosaic of refined beauty«, Step Tempest marveled, »this music swings with a vengeance«. Sieverts has years of work with top international players, over 130 CDs, and tours on six continents to his credit. His long list of awards includes »best jazz bassist«, International Society of Bassists’ competition, and Germany’s prestigious Echo Jazz 2010 award as best bassist for his PIROUET CD Blackbird. With his masterful technique, exceptional sound and potpourri of original ideas, trombonist Nils Wogram stands in the forefront of contemporary players. Also and ECHO jazz winner, his group Root 70 won the prestigious BMW International Jazz Award. Jazz’n More Magazine called guitarist Ronny Graupe »one of the most promising talents in German jazz«. An important player in the Berlin New Music scene, he has worked with the likes of Wanja Slavin and Rolf Kühn and recorded two albums under his own name for PIROUET.


  1. Twenty One
  2. Chrome
  3. Full Moon, New Moon
  4. Morsechoral
  5. Flou
  6. In a Symmetrical Mood
  7. Übergestern
  8. Beuron
  9. Attya
  10. Aerea
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