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Once again Bill Carrothers shows himself to be a musician with a sense for the subtle. His compositions take unorthodox twists and turns. There are surprises in the pages of this musical family album, and a pervading atmosphere of private tenderness. These are gripping pieces for piano that act as musical embraces and, as in some wonderfully muted movie, capture so many magical moments. »Family Life« is a work of art—with Bill Carrothers’ signature on it.


  1. Our House
  2. Scarborough Fair / Peg
  3. For Better and Worse
  4. Bud and Bunny
  5. Nothern Lights
  6. Snowbound
  7. On the Sled
  8. Schizophrenic Weather
  9. Forefathers
  10. Good Dog
  11. A Night Out
  12. Harbor Lights
  13. News from Home
  14. Gitchee Gumee
  15. When We’re Old
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