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New York saxophonist Robin Verheyen and his Pirouet debut, Starbound, brilliantly accompanied by Bill Carrothers, Nicolas Thys, and Dré Pallemaerts: masterful clarity and atmospheric depth. The young saxophonist’s Pirouet debut is a CD for listeners who want to be challenged and who treasure the art of nuance. The many subtle shadings are more and more fascinating with each successive listening. Starbound is the atmospheric musical adventure of a multi-faceted musician—a musician who will be much-talked-about in the future, a future in which for Robin Verheyen the sky is the limit!


  1. On the House
  2. Boechout
  3. The Flight of the Eagle
  4. Starbound
  5. Lamenting
  6. Roscopaje
  7. Waves
  8. Long Island City
  9. Narcis
  10. Tree Line
  11. I Wish I Knew
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